Reason and Explanation for my Continuing Insanity

Insane, Insanity and Naming my Blog!

I really need to have a catchy name for my blog!

How do i differentiate it from thousands of other blogs that are doing the round of blogosphere?

Should i talk about myself, my virtual girlfriend, my neighbor or my neighbors girlfriend?

How do i even find my way in one of the so marketed easiest of blog publishing tool, called wordpress?( does it really have a press!)

Ahhh..chuck it.

Staying Insane has been planned to be that part of me that would try to remain insane in this sane sane world around me, a bit about me, I am second year MBA-Marketing  Professional from Institute of Management Technology, Dubai, who would be joining firefly E-ventures this June 2010 as an account manager, and would this become a part of the burgeoning sane majority of Indian Corporate Junta. I have been writing for close to two years now at my Life@IMT-Dubai blog at Pagalguy but now i guess time has come for me to move on from just about my Life@IMT Dubai to write about more insane things that i experience or create around me.

I have done many insane things over the last couple of years during my graduation and as i move on their would be many reasons for me to go sane in the new life,that i would be joining soon, this place will be for me to loose control, be sarcastic, be funny, be witty, be whoever the world around may not allow me to, due to you know the sanity that surround the majority of homo sapiens.

This space is intended to do just that, capture and bring to you my experiences from everyday life, the ohh so common experiences, which sometimes become very special or should i say a little Insane. Hopefully we would have a long and interesting journey together.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!( Steve Jobs@ Standford Commencement Speech, 2005)

Staying Insane.(Ankur Vohra- Starts 29th April,2010-IMT-Dubai Graduation Day)


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