Storyteller San Audience

How many times have we heard about the cliche line “We all have our Stories to Tell!”

Some of our stories are interesting, some really mystic and some lets put it that way-Not to everyones taste.

With the last days of my stay at IMT-Dubai Campus going on, I went out last night with friends to a Lounge Bar,and their as we settled down to have our bit of Global Gyaan Talks, we met this man sitting right next to us, who was all alone, gave us a nice smile and introduced himself; although he was about 3 drinks down(Source:Waiter) , he seemed to be in his senses, we chatted him up a little; and that was all the hint he needed, as he took us back in time to various good and not so good happenings of his life, his life back home, his wife, family, work and escapades,a man who had seen so much and a man who had lost so much. he was so engrossed in his talks, which showed that he needed us like anything, he talked about things which to most of us sounded insane but to me they sounded true and from his heart, but you know how the world is, soon every one lost him, no one wanted to listen, thats all the time “we had for you man 5 mins, we need our space to”; that was a one line answer given to him; and he turned away from us, with a shadow of regret in his eyes,never to look back again.

But as i turned toward my table, I had this feeling, that we live in World so controlled that we are all happy/sad/numb and busy in our day to day life; that we barely look up on others and listen for once what they have to say, our life is so routinized and planned, that most of the time we forget, we are human after all,not a robotic machine, we cry, we laugh, we smile but what we do very little is Listen, we are so engrossed with our own motives; that “Listening” is the hardest part to do for us and I don’t blame us for that, its the world that we live in, which is so fast paced and goal oriented , that sadly we have very little time for our own, leave alone others.

We all have a story to tell, If only We Could Listen to Each other!

Will Always Remember!


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