Check Out the New Salesman on the Floor

MBA Finish and its down to basics, have joined a sales profile job in my hometown, been here for 10 days now and am slowly getting used to the grind and fun of a salesman.

Just yesterday was doing cold calling for an organization, for those of you, who are too naive to understand cold calling simply means, calling up numbers from a database, with an aim of business development, statutory warning cold calling can be very demanding.

One of Interesting Excerpts from my yesterday cold calling;

Scene-1- Ms. X and Me

Me:Hello, Good afternoon
Ms.X: Good afternoon

Me: Can I get in touch with your director
Ms.X: Sorry, She is not in Town

Me:hmm, Can i know if you guys use any portal for your hiring solutions?

Ms.X- hmmmmm..sorry sir we don’t require any Hotel, we have our own guest house.

Me:ohh..and i thought you had budget for my Portal.

Thanks anyways.Phone Hunged up and 5 minutes of non stop laughter.:lol:

Cold Calling and Sales go hand in hand i guess.

Trying to learn.:-)

Till i write again.



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