Excuse me-I Have a Question!

Cold Calling is not a telephone call that you make when you have a cold and you don’t feel like talking but still you need to make a call. This was the first myth of mine that was broken when i joined the Shine Gurgaon sales team.
I am sure you all would have guessed by the opening few lines that I am a fresher to this industry and am looking for answers to some really interesting questions. Some of the questions that I have asked have brought smile on my team mates face, I thought why don’t I share this with all of you;

So here go some of the most humorous questions that have been put across by me and my team mates over the last couple of weeks of our training;

Innocent Questions from New Recruits

Q-1 Is PDC a new government scheme under PDS?
Having been a newspaper buff for quite a long time, I initially thought that PDC was a new scheme launched by government under Public Distribution System (PDS), thanks to my colleagues, now I know it stands for a “Post Dated Cheque”.

Q-2 Is CIS a new television series as CSI?
You will have to forgive me for this one, doesn’t CIS sound really similar to the crime investigative series of television CSI but alas it is not; CIS for us stand for Customer Information Sheet.

Q-3 Is SPADNCO just another excel sheet?
I am sure my colleagues in sales team will know what I mean by this statement, in just a couple of days my life is revolving around one excel sheet and that is SPANDCO. What does it stand for? Well, many things, to cut the long story short SPANDCO is our Daily Report Card.

Q-4 Are weekends off?
Trust me you don’t want to know/see the reply.
It has been a amazing two weeks for me at firefly, I was a bit anxious as to how would the professional environment at firefly will be but any concerns that I had, have been put to rest forever, thank you Team Firefly.

As of writing this article, I along with other fresh hired Shine sales team members are undergoing a New Hire Induction Programme and trust me each and every day we are learning new things, and even after hordes of our innocent questions, our shine mentors have one complaint- “You guys don’t ask questions!” Says a lot about the dedication with which they are training us, hopefully we would make you all proud soon.

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