There I Was-Yet Again!

There I was yet again on a Cold Call, the only difference this time around was that it was real, not on phone but I had dropped in on a client office and what a hilarious time I had.


Receptionist:Hi Sir, How can I help you?
Me: Can I get in touch with your HR Please?

R1: Which one Sir?
Me: Give me the Head HR, please.

R1: Don’t you know the name?
Me: No, actually i was just passing by…(Typical Sales Pitch:P)

R1: Sorry sir,we cannot let you meet, without an appointment.
Me: Okay how do i get an appointment?

R1: Please call this board number, we will get you to talk to HR and then you get an appointment.
Me: Cool, So could you please let me talk to your HR now?

R1:No Sir, you will have to call from outside for that.(cool as cucumber)
Me:Cant you call inside from here?, since I am already here.

R1:No, sir we have strict orders, no calling from reception, for visitors who drop in.:stern:

Me::lol: Now, this one is surely heading to my Blog..:D

Now, what i did next was this:

Standing at the Reception Desk, I called up the Reception Phone, The receptionist picked up the phone infront of me and here goes;

R1: Hello

Me: I am standing infront of you, could you please now transfer the call to HR.

R1: Ohh Shit!…(She cut the phone, said sorry), realized her mistake, and voila got me in touch with HR, through her own phone..:P

As, Scott Adams would have said;“One “oh shit” can erase a thousand attaboys”:D

I could understand:P


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