Of Followups

Typical Sales Pitch

Day-1:You call up a Client, and fix up an appointment.

Day-2:You go up to clients office, do a need analysis and come up with a great proposal, which for a change also excites your client and he is already reared up to sign up with you.Asks you to send in the proposal and then “follow up” with him…Remember these two words “follow up”.

And, if you are new to the business you come out of the Office thinking job well done!, Congratulate yourself that atleast you are not that bad as your boss makes you out to be, and yes their is actually some hope for you too.

But alas I wish world was such a beautiful place and I had Megan Fox as my Girlfriend.

What you are Really about to get in my dear is a game of follow ups, where in you call up client every other day with the hope that today is going to be the sale day but all you get is another Date for follow up..as Sunny Pahjee has rightly put it in with a dailogue..”Tareekh pe Tareekh..Tareekh pe Tareekh..!” but the respite in sunny pahjee case was that his was only one case, you will have your entire week full of follow ups, with your bread and butter dependent on follow ups.

So you pick up the phone day after day in the hope that today is going to be the day of reckoning.

Day Atlast- When your client says, come on Ankur, I am was waiting for your call only..Touchwood soon..:)



4 thoughts on “Of Followups

  1. Hectic day huh? 😛 .. You’ll do very well.. 🙂 no worries.. no tension.. All the best!! :).. By the way… Megan Fox? 😛

    1. Hey Lisa,it may not be a hectic day but it surely is a Follow up days, Thanks for your wishes, hopefully my call will be picked soon..!:)

  2. Don worry… One day throngs of ppl would be lining up in the hope you’d pick their call… 🙂 This is just the beginning, a little over a month now… now’s d time to learn the tricks of the trade.. ..We all know you’ve got it in you… 🙂 So, no worries….at all : -) “It’s not the challenge that makes a man, but his commitment to challenge the odds, and his determination to strive for excellence” 🙂

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