Of Shakira Love and More..!

Okay before I declare my unfathomable love for Shakira and break many love filled hearts for me, i have one more professional declaration to make, I have got my first client and finally my first sale.Hurray you say, but not really cause as my boss would be put it, this is only the start and you have only acheived 25% of your revenue target buddy!-I say shit get my heads up and get back to another sales call.

Insane Highlights of my Past Two Weeks

1. I have become a follower of couple of Yog Asaaans of Baba Ramdev Ji!

he he..I am smiling even as i write this part but yes after Shilpa Kundra jee,its my turn to join in the alom vilom brigade, and you may ask how did it happen Ankur, well one who have  seen me live will agree that ever since i got my job and looked settled to the Great Indian Middle Class dream of Paying the EMI’s, Credit Card bill on time, which i warn you are always in excess of one’s paycheck, I have been gaining a few extra inches, so their i was sitting on a lazy sudnay evening in my home watching some news  about how dhoni and his to be wife were best school friends( but the logic sounded a little wayward since doni was beingtold as 7 years older to the girl- wonder how many years did our wonder captain stay in one class waiting for her!) anyways, so i was enjoying my tea and my countrymen obessions with masala news,it was then their was this magical entry of my witty and once upon a time fat uncle, you know typical punjabi uncles from down town delhi, but now their was something different about him, he was looking fit and slimmer, a young man of 45, and in the dialogue that followed, I got to see the magic of the famed alom vyom;

Uncle jee- O beta jee..kaise ho..mubarak ho job lag gayee..(he he!:-))

Me- Uncle jee woh to sab ke liye to thank you but aap itne fit kaise hogaye..!

Uncle jee- Blushing, Smiling, Laughing, Hiding..oyee nhee nhee oye yeh to bas..

Me- Uncle jee..aap to muskra pade, batao to sahee..kya raaz hai…

Uncle jee- with eyes lightining up and deep breath- Beta jee this all because of Swami jee..we..

and their it was 15 mins of non stop gyaan of how yoga was changing life of millions round the world.

I got convinced with couple of asaans he told me, catched up with those on youtube as well, and it was then that
yoga gained entry into my life, the assans can be a little funny to do in the begining but if the results are true,
their is no harm in making our life a bit disciplined is it?

2.Of Football in Bits and Shakira!

FIFA world cup fever was on and we in India made most of it by drinking more beer and setting the cash registers ringing at Sports bar,wonder why they call it sports bar?, when most of the junta that goes there just to chill,i couldn’t catch up with most of the matches as they were late night and i have an early start every morning, but one thing  that really caught my eyes and ear was the anthem song from Shakira, i am not a great music enthusiast but yes like every other average India listen to songs playing on radio, tv and youtube, the number was really catchy and shakira once again proved why she is truly an international star with her power ful performances, made me wonder if ever i would be able to perform as well in my work, but hats off and yes i have no inhibitions in saying-she is my dream girl for this month.:P, Carry on Shakira!:)

Till I write again!

Hail Insanity!




6 thoughts on “Of Shakira Love and More..!

  1. Hey Congrats! 🙂 There’s more to come and some. Touchwood. 🙂

    Yoga…. so true.. I started meditation two weeks ago… really helps my breathing 🙂

      1. Very funny! 😛 Actually I’m not supposed to do Yoga.. My friend taught me two asans durin m Bachelors course period, So I do it now and then .. but breathing thing I do 🙂

  2. And yea.. payments are always bigger than paycheks.. atleast for 1st few months of a new jobs.. till economies or of scale or sumtin happens.. 😛

    And one of the most painful yet useful asans is to stand with the feet apart and touch your head to the floor, helped my hair grow so long that I now need a haircut.. hehe 😛

    1. Wishing for that economies of Scale to happen soon..!:) and the asaan you talked about..I am sure it would be an out of the world experience for you..:P:D

      1. Yup.. out of the world it was alrite 😛 .. into the world of ‘moov’, but it was stil fun :D, painful, but fun 😛

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