If Only We Cared!

RTI Activist Shot Dead in Ahmedabad!- read a small side news in my todays news paper, just a brief information passed on by newspaper that a person had been shot dead because he was fighting against corruption. Yes I was shocked that a person had been shot dead but what rattled me was that it was reported just as any other news, not as a headline or a striking news, which in my opinion should have been, it was just like it happens every other day, whats new?, another one dead from the now extinct courageous true Indians, who really do take a second to look away from there usual bread earning responsibilities to have a say in which direction there country is heading to.

It is said that an active media is a Pillar of democracy but what saddens me today is that even our media has been limited by its own business survival issues, gone are the days, when media used to be a Media for Truth to come forward, these days our media has been strangled by more of Stock Market,P&L sheets and passing on favors.  We have become so used to corruption and Hoologism around us that i guess, we don’t even it a second look to notice, where are we headed to, we always have a feeling in our hearts this cant happen to me, I am safe, which I am sure is the biggest mistake we do. let me give you an example of how bad things look for us over the past one week- we had a train crash 70 lifes lost, Kashmir is burning, People being shot, MLA’s being attacked, Common wealth Stadiums being falling apart,Delhi buses being robbed in broad day light and so on..but still our media has time for Doni Ki Shaadi and Lanka ki Ladai, perhaps this is what some people call spirit of India but in my Mind this is ignoring a deep gorge and driving straight into it.

As of now I really don’t Know how are we going to turn things around but something needs to be done of that I am Sure!

May God Rest the departed Souls!



4 thoughts on “If Only We Cared!

  1. Most of us, after we see these things on news just talk about for a few minutes, complain about the structure, and then discussion over, but you on the other hand, are spreading awareness of the scenario, the thing a lot of us wanted to talk about but didn’t courage to, or have a medium or opportunity to, or didn’t bother to.

    I don’t know how many will read this post, but I’m sure, that in each person who read this, a fire has been lit, and they will take a little part of it with them and talk to someone else, who will talk to another, and eventually one day India will be a different nation. You’re determination will have inspired many.

    Keep up the Good Work, Ankur 🙂 !

    1. I really don’t know how different am i from others cause all i have myself done uptill now is only get enraged and pen down my thoughts, lets hope so, we are able to find a remedy soon to this fast spreading virus.

      Thanks for your support though!:)

      1. Nope, you aren’t all that different from others, 😛 but, writing this made all the difference in the world. 🙂

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