Monday Morning Blues!

We all gather in a glass room and look forward to light in our sales life..!

Well this is me and my team on a monday morning, looking for clients to make happy and sales call leads to make.Over the last two months, I have seen the power of myriad emotions that a sales job brings along, the power of emotions as they may say, the joy of closing a client, the hope of making a client excited about your product and lastly but more importantly the ability to handle rejection and be prepared for it. there is a saying in sales that you should never count on a single account because you never know when the client changes his/her mood and your ohh so dear deal goes for a toss, taking you along with it.

you should always have a back up! so true in sales and yes so so true in life too!

My Learnings @ 2 Months in Sales

1. Work Smart and There is always another day!

2. Never Assume because when you Assume you what you do is Ass u Me!

3. Reach where the need is!

4. Each Client is a new client- don’t carry any of your previous experiences while dealing with a new person!

5. It’s a game of surprises- you never know what will happen next!

6. keep Dialing, Keep Meeting as they say Keep Walking!

7. Its Not a Sale until the Final Cheque is in your Hand!

One of the most challenging and demanding job to be in but if you Start each day with new hope and work smart – you will be through.



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