Lexicon of a Salesman!

Sales is not a Job for the Faint Hearted!

The above is the only statement i can think of after spending about 65 odd days in one of the most exciting at the same time most challenging job i can think of.

Day in the Life of a Sales Man- My day starts with an early morning meetings, which are nothing but a medium to remind you that you are still way too short of the last month targets that you had committed and your chances are also not looking any bright for next months target achievements either.

It is said that you should not involve your emotions in your work, but i guess sales is a job where in your emotions play a key role in deciding whether you will have the best of day or the worst day.you have to be at your enthusiastic best to be in sales, breezing past rejections to reach your customers, you have to be passionate about your work, if there is no passion than surely you are headed for disaster and a deadly early morning meeting.:P

Salesman Lexicon!

“Pipeline”- A word used to refer to all the accounts that you deem will buy your product,Apparently it consists of all those accounts that you are counting on to get into- meaning clients you are sure to sell your products. Note- It Is required to save your ass in those deadly meetings with boss.:P

Many a Sales guys have fallen for the deadly pipeline trap,

Pipeline Permutations..:P

If Pipeline<=6

Boss-> What you have only 5 Accounts?, what were you doing the whole of last week?, I am telling you are headed for a free fall from the nigara falls…into the depth of failure..!????

You-> Yikeeess..!What did i do wrong????:-(

If Pipeline>6

Boss-> What you have more than six accounts?, why hasn’t even one of them converted as yet?, there must be something wrong in your sales pitch..!:X??


Till i write again!

Stay Safe, and please please don’t shout on your friendly neighborhood sales man!



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