Reporting Live from a Cold Sales Call!

Hurray..goes our Tech Team..Hurray Goes our Group Heads..Shitt goes our Sales Team…!

Two Sides of the Same may say….Escatcy and Pain at the same time..2 days back our new CDA was launched with full expectations of our group heads that product is ready and its now just a matter of time before our superhero sales guys will start raking in the moolah from the market..and their starts our misery..!

Present Day- Present Time

Reporting live  from a courtyard of a Semi-finished business tower in a place which is 10 km from office but for which i took 20 Kms..visited few of the offices in the area most of the guys are busy, met one guy but as the fate may have it, he too got busy and left the meeting in a minutes and my luck..!:P

We have an ultimatum of not returning to office before 5 PM and without a Cheque..which looks a long shot from where i am sitting,since I am light years away from even finding a good appointment..but as they say and also i say..we should never loose hope, I live to fight another hour..!




One thought on “Reporting Live from a Cold Sales Call!

  1. Hey Ankur,

    Don’t ever lose hope 🙂 , you’ll do great, just keep faith and don’t lose heart … you’ll scale great heights 🙂 touchwood 🙂

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