Back From the Dead!

27 Years is a Long Time..but 27 Years of Confusion is even longer..!:P

The Most Exciting Thing that Happened for me over the last Two weeks- I got a Client worth Rs. 1.5 Lacs for my Company

The Most Depressing Thing that Happened over the last Two Weeks- The Same Client is asking for a refund..Visa Problems..:-(

The Most Optimistic Thing that I look upto- Going in for a Job Change..(Okay Relax!)

The Most Nostalgic Thing to have Happened- Thinking about Dubai while Driving down Faridabad- Gurgaon Road!

The Happiest Moment- Rakhi Holiday

The Naughtiest Thing I Did- Too naughty to write!(Read None)

The Craziest Thing I Did(Keep on Doing)- Driving down the Road with no where to go!(Trust me It works!)

Thing I am Looking upto  over the Next One Week- Weekend!:P

One Thing I am Sure of over the next One Week- Some Inspiring Words from My boss…!




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