Why I am Begining to Hate Sunday?

I am begining to hate Sunday’s!

Why on Earth?

1. No one of My Close Friends left in Faridabad, All have become apparent Hot Shots and Moved on to Exotic(Read Boring!) Locations for work.:X

2. Sunday- A License for me to not get out of my Bed, not even for Gym, Not even for a bath..!(It Smellss..:P)

3. Nothing to Do after a Week of Running around Town is a Shock in itself.You feel Lost.Trust me.

4. With Free time to hand, you wander on to do some really Insane stuff..!(Read- Register on Jeevansathi.com):D ROFL..:P

5. You Feel so Lost, that sometimes that Rush of everyday seems natural to you and isolation an Enigma!

6.Eat a lot, with nothing to do, what else is one expected to do?:P

7. And yes Finally, Do lot of Facebook Just to see how lovely the grass looks on the other side of the Bush..!:D

The Sunday Irony- “Whole Week Week We Wait(W5) for Sunday..Only to Lie in Our Bed!”


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