Down The Memory Lane-Me and PG!:mg:

All Hail The MG!:mg:

Ask any serious MBA aspirant, What does the word pagalguy mean to him? and 9 out of 10 times, you would get a flurry of some really insane and innovative adjectives, from outlandish to simply out of this world..! It all started for me in January,2006, how I stumbled upon the website has now been washed down my memory lane, cause i don’t even remember, and it doesn’t even matter( linking park said it right!) but one thing that still remains intact since the first day is the bond I share with PG..!

Have some really Insane Memories of my 4 Years @PG, thought why don’t I godown the memory lane, and take a look  at my journey so far @PG;

Spirit11 Facts@PG Since jan’06

1. I Participated in the Coolest Avatar Contest @PG as “Lucky Spirit of Number 11!”..he he..Don’t even ask me more!:insane:

2. Met Some of my best Online friends @PG

severus snape( We have shared our B-school Life Together!cheers)

sweetgalshruti( My Oldest Friend@PG)

puri.pallavi(Special Thanks to you for always motivating and supporting me..wish!)

varnicat(Been Long!)

the_egonomist(We Joined PG almost at the same time!)

p@galguy (Thanks for everything!)

Sadly, have never been able to take across this friendship from online to offline, since more often than not, we all are so busy in our every day life’s that we can’t take the next step, but i want you puys to know, that all of you have played a special role in my life, and will always be special for me.:cheers:

3. The Best Question Being asked to me ever @PG: Is Pagalguy Your own Website?:insane: 😉 :mg:

4. The weirdest thing I did @campus for PG: Explained the concept of PG to a bunch of exchange student from Rotterdam Business School!:loved it:

5.  For the first time in my Life was interviewed @PG..!:hail pg:( Puys have been really kind to me..!:mg:)

6. Became a Community Leader @PG, my best day @PG-when Rohit informed me about it..!:cheers:

7. Have seen so many creative geniuses @PG that have always motivated me to achieve more, wont like to name, cause the list will just go on and on..Puys Rock!

Its been amazing 4.5 years for me @PG, when I had started my pg life, I had thought it would be come with an expiry date, never in my dreams had thought, that even after completing my MBA, joining a job, I would still not be able to get enough of the scared space, which mortals call simply a website and which we puys call Our Home!

PG Rocks, PG Rules..!


Spirit11 a.k.a Ankur

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