The ABCD of Campus Relationships!

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one”-C.S Lewis

We all need people around us, we need their help to grow, have fun, cry, shout, be angry at or sometimes just to feel we are one of @ IMT campus , I was lucky to have an experience of multiple relationships, some were really good, some were okay and some lets just say were transactional.

Relationships@ Campus

1. The Buddies Relationship

” Yar, yeh kya assignment kar raha hai, chal aa canteen mai samosa kha ke aate hai!”,I am sure many of us have used the same lines many time over during our campus days. and that’s the kind of relationship that I am talking about , you have friends but then you have some really close friends, the ones you would do anything for, ones who know your mood swings, your likes and yes your dislikes, the core group of your friends, who you hang out with.

My Gyaan: Have a Core group of friends for sure, you will need it.

2. The Agony Aunt Relationship

” Yar, I am such a fool, she was only flirting with me..:-(:cry:” and you friend says -” Mai to tujhe pehle se hi kehta tha..!:X She was not your type!”

We all need someone around us, who we open our heart to, and more often than not its one of those persons, who is not really one of your close friends but one who you think is most sensible among your friends, you know -” The one you assume will be best able to keep your secret and well yea guide you too..!” ( emphasis on the word “ASSUME”:P)

3. The Transactional Relationship

Hey Hi, How you doing..” I was wondering if i could borrow some Washing Powder?”:D

From Washing Powder to Money, these are the relationships maintained and run on good will, you help me today, and i Would surely return the favor tomorrow.:)

Sharable Items at campus: Surf, Bus Card, Steam Iron, Tie’s, Shoes, Ipods, Laptops, Books..and the list goes on..

4. The Project Team Relationship

“Yar, I may not be able to come to team meeting in the evening, as I have to go out for dinner!”

Let me just put it this way, some teams we select ourselves, but some are selected by professors, and it is the later one’s that can really cause some problems. when do work? what do we work? and how much we work on? are the questions that each of the team member has to find an answer of the most challenging but at the same time learning relationship that you will have on campus.

5. The One you were waiting for Relationship!( I know, I know, reads interesting, doesn’t it?)

“Hey I am really not that good at Stats, you will have to help me out on this one and yea do bring along that dvd of serendipity too,just for after our studies..!”

We all are really young boys and girls at campus, and yes we all are looking for that special someone(well, almost all of us!), so we start out on our quest in our own ways, some with initial conversations, some with over the dinner catching ups, and some come directly to the point..but yes we all do..sometimes really silly and innocent stuff like calling up some one really late in night and not saying a know what I am coming upto..:P

My Advice: Stats is a really tough subject, don’t neglect it.:P

6. The One Dirham Relationship!(My Favorite an IMT-Dubai Original Relationship!)

I am sure you will be part of this relationship, once you are part of IMT-Dubai, we have couple of vending machines and they accept only coins( which are a rarity @campus), and every time you pass by a vending machine, more often than not you will have people saying to you, yes, you said it right:

” Yar Ek Dirham Hai Kya?!!”

No matter, you know that person or not, you will try to help that bloke out, many a friendships have been formed on this simple dialogue!:D

7. The Oracle Relationship

” Yar, woh sir ne kya assignment bola tha karne ke liye? Hogaya kya? can i borrow it?”

We all need help of the most studious boy/girl in the class, to do that assignment in stats , which we can’t get the abcd of..don’t we?

They say one should always live a hostel life once during his/her student days, cause that really opens your mind and prepares you for the world, I am proud to say that IMT campus provided me with those experiences, which will help me throughout my life, I have shared myriad relationships at campus, some will remain with me forever and some have given me teachings which will keep me on track forever.

Thank you all!:-)



8 thoughts on “The ABCD of Campus Relationships!

    1. Thank you Sanket..:)
      Six years in must be pro by now..:P
      Do add in your learnings too..would love to hear from you.:)

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