“In a major embarrassment-CWG, Hygiene and Beyond..”

I was hearing news last night,you know the  usual humdrum about CWG fiasco- ” A foot over bridge collapsing  at our masterpiece Nehru Stadium”, “Games village being in a filthy state”, “Foreign teams hinting on a pull out”..”Fear of Agitators from Hisar descending on Delhi to disrupt CWG”, “Divine intervention required to save the Games..”..and so on……

Of all the bytes flowing in, I could only make out two true statements- ” Indians have a different standard of hygiene than most of the other nations” and ” Collapsing of the foot over bridge is just an minor issue which will be taken care of”

That’s my Man, at last someone has got the balls to say it on National Television that we @Delhi have known since childhood, I for one have been sure of this ever since i have opened my eyes, 1 out of 5 times, when I am at Delhi Roads, I am sure to find some tense soul reliving himself at one of the friendly neighborhood streets, be it then my next door Sharma jee or verma jee..I am sure you all also see them, don’t you?,People reliving themselves are as much part of our city roads as are the traffic jams and pot holes, “I guess it has got to do something from we being  free and democratic country and people making full use of this some how-at least that was a response I got from one torrid soul, when i mistakenly tried to stop him from performing his daily ritual.

So, when i hear ” that foreign delegates were shocked to see people urinating at the games village in the open”, I am amazed, I have just one answer- “didn’t you read your India travel guide?”, I am sure they would by now have a full chapter on how we Indians have become an expert in getting a quick open field relief. give me a break guys.

Second byte was of a foot over bridge collapsing with 27 people injured and our Mr. Minister passing it off as just a minor issue, which really is a minor issue in front of  issues like -floods in northern India, Kashmir on the Boil, Corruption being institutionalized, terrorist striking at will at tourist buses, ayodhaya issue..you see he has already got his handfuls with so many things that a small over bridge collapsing will surely come across as a minor issue to him. after all he also is a mortal India and not a superman.

just as i was about to close my television, I was hit by a news, which for once i thought was coming straight from Faking News..” India the fourth powerful country in the world!”- source- American Govt..I don’t know the basis of this report but of one thing I am sure the person who headed this committee is headed for a demotion.

God Bless America!:P

India Rocks!



One thought on ““In a major embarrassment-CWG, Hygiene and Beyond..”

  1. Hey Ankur Bhai…I dont know abt bloody politicans..But one thing I want to say after reading this post of yours..U ROCKS…atleast there are some Indians who are still thinking about India (reputation of Our Nation).

    Cheers Man,

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