[Parental Advisory]Side Effects of a Cold Sales Call!

Parental Advisory- Readers Discretion Advised!:D

Wondering why would a serene blog like mine talk about things like Explicit Content, well-read on to find out, what happened with yours truly on a Hot October Evening..!:D

Situation- Its the middle of a warm October afternoon, I am out in the field looking for that ever elusive Shine Client.

A Hope- Its tough to be walking around buildings doing area mapping- which basically means that you are looking for an office to barge into and hoping that the person on the other side of the table would listen to what you have to say,so there i was when suddenly i saw a freshly painted bright office board, which read ” ***XYX Consultants***” and my heart said God is not that hard on me either, today just might be my day.:)

Office Location: Now, this office was in a very old building with a narrow(when i Say narrow i mean really narrow:P) stair case leading up to a dimly lit room on the third floor.

In the Office- “A Male Homo Sapien in his early 30’s greets me!”

Me: Hello Sir, I am Ankur…and I am From…blah blah..

Mr.X: Okay, yea sit down please(A Big Smile on his face)

Me: Very Old building this sir to add to a very narrow stair case.

Mr.X: Yea, Its old but who cares as long as we are at a prime location and are driving our business.Isn’t it?

Me: Yea( Didn’t some great sales man say- Customer is always Right!:P)

Me: So sir, can i meet your Director please?

Mr. X: Sorry he is not around, I am the care taker over here and only one in office right now..( A very weird smile on his face..!)

Mr. X: here..have some water, you must be thirsty..

Me:yea I am thank you so much..

I gulp down some water and put the bottle back, only to find out Mr. X gulping the whole bottle away as soon as I keep it down.After doing some random chit chat, I prepare to leave and that is when climax follows;

Me: Okay, sir I will Take your leave now, will get in touch with your boss on mobile..( I get up from the chair!)

Mr. X( Getting a firm grip on my hand!):  “Arey betho yar..kaha ja rahe ho itni jaldi!”( Sit down dear, why are you leaving so early!)

Me: I am like I knew something was wrong with this chap..:X, so reluctantly i sit down..

Mr. X: So tel me about yourself, you look a very smart fellow, what do you do in you free time..you go out I am sure..gf’s, friends..whom do you hang out with?

Me: When did this call turn from a Sales call to a Personal call?and I am like-Get me out of here!:X

Me: Sir, I am on Duty, have a few more calls to do, I will come back..!( Such a Innocent boy I am !:P)

Mr. X(With a Stern Face): Give us also sometime buddy, sit na..!( He is like: you think I am going to fall for that kid!:P)

Me: Getting up again from chair, sir- I am really getting late, got to rush now, please don’t stop me.

Mr. X: Getting up with me too, coming close to me and  tickling my stomach..!:X

Me:( Okay buddy you have gone a step too far now!)

I make a dash for the door, with the friendly executive following me to it..

Mr. X- where you going?, listen i have got good references to share..go to building no 3….( His voice fading away as I make a run for my life down three floors of that narrow stair case.

Down in the Street, i say to myself ” That went well!:D”!

Precautionary Measure-I move on to a new building in a new locality!

Just another day in the life of a Sales Chap!



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