Moving on-New Assignment!

Over the last fortnight, I have resigned from my last assignment after  130 days of  insanity and moved on to a new one.

I am sure, the first question coming to your mind will be, Why? When? Where?, I would try to answer all of these questions over the course of this post and also in the process do a little of self introspection as to why did I feel so stretched and lost in my last assignment.


1. Sales without Passion – Not Working for me

I am not a typical sales man you know, by  typical i mean, a person who can sell anything under the sky, for me to sell a concept requires me to be as passionate about the idea, every day of my work, I have to belief in my product, only then I can confidently suggest it to my clients. unfortunately,that passion in me was missing in the last assignement.

2. Attained the Challenge- Now What?

The only fun part in the last assignment for me was, in the initial 3 months , when I had to prove that i was capable of selling as a sales guy, those were also the most exciting days for me @Shine, getting good deals, being the darling of the team and so on, but it soon left its charm and i started to feel whats next?, I mean it was good to be getting in numbers, but soon it became mundane and boring and I felt completely d-motivated.

3.No Creativity Involved-follow the same old road

The USP of my last assignment was, you being street smart, working around clients genuine concerns and making the sale, rest was up to the client servicing team to follow, although we were told that we should be servicing the client and so on, but the moment you planned to visit a client for servicing, your boss would be getting mad at you for wasting away your time on a client that was already in and not working on this months number. There was no creativity involved as in, giving out of box solutions to client and making him happy.

4.No VALUE for People

This was one of the most important factor for me to move away from this assignment, there was no value for customers or people in the team, it felt as if every one was there for only one purpose, CHEQUE, no trust, no faith, and although, it may sound strange, i did found these values missing in my work place a very big turn off for me.

5. Concept of “One Time Sale and then Never to be seen again!”- A BIG NO FOR ME!

With we being a start up the things were not so bright product wise, and also client  servicing wise, people were more focussed on making the product perfect for the next customer than for the existing customer.

6. Loads of Red Tape and Pointing Fingers- A Characteristic of a Big Organization

I hate big organization, where the best thing that happens is people shrugging off their responsibilities and pointing fingers at others for product failures, there is no team work and idea sharing, with only one thing happening of loads of email exchanges.

7. Inhibiting my Talent- “Baby you were a no show for me from that day itself!”

How do you find it when one day your boss calls you up and says to stop doing what you do best and that is Stop Writing!

I have nothing else to say!


Well, I submitted my papers in the first week of December and was happily out of it my end of the week.:)


I am lucky enough to have got an opportunity to work along with my alma mater, thats is IMT-Dubai as India Representative handling Marketing and Operations in India.:)

It really is an honor for me to work along side my alma mater and the profile offered is also what i had been thinking of working on.:)

By God’s Blessing, i would do good in the role and live up to expectations of my B-school.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of You!:-)




12 thoughts on “Moving on-New Assignment!

    1. I was in Dubai for 2 years, 2008-2010, was doing my MBA from IMT over there. came back to Delhi for work with HT and currently I handle IMT Dubai, India office from Delhi. I have fond memories and experiences from Dubai, will surely be back there, maybe sometime in future!:-)

      1. You based out of Dubai?, well, every city has its goods and bad, Dubai has some constraints, but then, it has so much to offer in terms of opportunity to do business, earn money, have a good life style and when you count in all those factors, it doesn’t sound that bad does it?

      2. No – I am based in dubai actually 🙂 That’s what I say to people I find complaining that every city has its pros and cons. I have grown up in Hyderabad and while I love that city I even know that I can’t go around without a friend or somebody lest I shall be troubled by some stupid men…

      3. he he..good one my you are based in Dubai!:-)
        Yups, 100% correct, same will be the case for us in Delhi, I also have second thoughts on venturing on roads alone after 10 in Night! It is a truth that I have to live with, becomes a part of the city and you begin to accept it and live with it.

  1. Ah Delhi, that’s the only state other than AP that I’ve traveled to =) and I agree about the acceptance part. I mean good lord how many times can one complain and not get over it?!

    1. Yes, there are somethings in life that we just have to accept and move on with!:-), I have lived in Hyderabad too for 2 years, for work, 2006-2008, I am sure, on those scales, you would have found Hyd better than Delhi, Did you?

      1. I love the city I hail from 😉 My family is from hyderabad so we are kind of snobbish about it 😛 Have you noticed how hydros are full of themselves?
        Honestly though, I think despite the craziness that exists in Hyderabad it still makes a pretty decent place. It has rich culture, history and food to die for! Plus when you need help you will get it regardless of somebody knowing you or not

      2. “Hydros” is a really nice nick name, although first time I am hearing it!:-) but you guys really love your city, but, I should put it here that, we Delhites also love our city despite all the madness that surrounds it, i guess it has got to do with what you said, we all love the cities where we come from, they have that sense of comfort around them that no other city can easily have, no matter where we go!:-)

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