Finally-My Calling is here!

I got married to my school mate this 28th January,2011:)

As i learnt weddings are an epitome of human emotions ranging from happiness to helplessness, whatever emotion you might think of, you are sure to experience it during one of the many wedding ceremonies.:)

I wont like to make it a long drawn affair of my learning from my marriage ceremonies but yes would leave you with some quick gyaan on what to expect during your wedding days.:)

Five Things to watch out for during your Marriage!

5. Long Lost Relatives, who you only see on your wedding day and then woof they have vanished.:)

4. Last minute demands from food caterer’s- Picture this 10 minutes to my Baraat and the Caterer says innocently “Bhaiya jee..1 kg paneer chaaiye tha..” šŸ˜›

3. Your Best Friends who go a long long way to make you tension free and smile:)

2. Your Parents and Close Family who do everything they can to make it a life time event for you

1. Your Wife in Bridal Attire- “Speechless”

I would like to put in a word of thanks to all my relatives and friends who made my wedding the most memorable event of my life, I have many promises to keep, many words to live up to, I pray to God to give me the strength to be the man I need to be.

Love you Rati..!:-)




2 thoughts on “Finally-My Calling is here!

  1. I love your posts!

    they are soo from the heart!

    A genuine smile crossed my face to read it *esp. point no.1, what to expect on your wedding day*

    I hope God blesses both of you with loads of love luck and happiness.

    Sorry couldn’t make it there even though i was trying. But would love to not miss out on all the pictures. Post them fast. šŸ™‚

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