The Great MBA Dream-Where have I reached?

In 10 days time, It will be one year to the day I became an MBA!

As I look back and take stock of the year gone by, I can’t help but think that its been a hugely challenging yet fascinating year, the career that started from the glitzy heights of Dubai Skyscrapers has now reached the By-lanes of Okhla Industrial Area-Delhi.:)

Where did we begin this year- At the start of May, I came back home after a much wanted MBA degree from IMT, Dubai. I was to join firefly e-ventures the online division of HT Media at Gurgaon. Profile was Sales for the online job portal(

Feelings in My Mind: Excited, Happy to be back home:)

In between- Joined Firefly, faced the music from day-1, no honeymoon period they say in Sales, next 6 months running from post to post to get that ever essential clients, learnt loads of things but didn’t appreciate the work environment around me.

Feelings in My Mind: Dejected, Looking for a Change:)

The Big Break: Gave around 5 Interviews, the only issue was the remuneration part where in the organization was not willing to pay me much, due to “lack of experience”, was looking for that big break, got it in the form of  IMT-Dubai, felt blessed by God’s grace, took the job change and am with IMT-Dubai operating out of Delhi corporate office, working on a profile that gives me freedom to do much of work I love:)

The Winter of My Life: Yes, 2010-2011 was so so special also because I got hitched to the love of my Life, She came like a Princess and only thing I could do was to be her Prince charming:)

Feelings in My Mind:Lucky to have Almighty’s Grace on me:)

Looking Ahead: The Road is tough, all those of you who think that doing an MBA alone will solve all your problems, trust me it is not the case, you need to prove yourself in the world for everything that you do, College is sweet but real world is an all together different proposition, you have to be sure of not only present but also plan the future.


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