Mumbai-Found in a 82 Years Young Gentleman!

I was in Mumbai for 4 days last week, and must admit I am in Love with the City.

Venue: Education Fair, Bandra Kurla Complex,Mumbai( 22nd-24th April,2011)

The Above Gentleman symbolizes to me What Mumbai is to India,before you pass on this gentleman as a Oldie, do give the picture a close look, He has his business cards in hand, he has brochures from most of the Stalls in the fair with him, he is looking for diverse business opportunities, he is a Teacher, a poet,a  practicing surgeon,a social activist and he is 82 Years Young.

Mumbai had this Zeal, Energy within that I have hardly found in most of the Cities I have been to, I was trying to find out what was it about the city that made it so special, and then i had a chance to interact with this gentleman, who in hindsight epitomized the “Mumbaikar” spirit to me, he was so full with Ideas to innovate, to look forward to future and look beyond problems that i simply put the interaction that I had with him as the highlight of my visit.I could find the same spirit every where i went from Taxis to Hotels, every one in Mumbai looked to have set his aims to something and moved along a path to achieve it, a city full of myriad dreams,where each eye that you looked up to , looked like having its own fairytale.

Mumbai would rate as one of the most ambitious cities in India, a place where no one is without ideas, a city where no one is without a fighting spirit within.

Things that Made Mumbai Special to me

1. One of the Most Ambitious City

2. A City where you can roam down the Street at 2 in the Night without fear

3. A City Where People are Not Bothered about what other person is doing

4. A City where Love is the air and Literally

5. A City where in people have learnt to look beyond problems to Solutions

6. A City where you can Walk Down to Salman Khan’s Bungalow..:P

7. A City of Contrast from a 8000 Cr Mansion  to a 8000 Rs a Month Khollee..

It is said that you take a bit of each city with you when you travel,As i was taking a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, I could feel, I was not alone, I was taking a bit of Mumbai Spirit and Ambitions along with me.

Mumbai Rocks!



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