The Day When Amitabh Bachan Called!

Hello..Mai Amit bol raha hoo..went the ever recognizable heavy voice on the other side of my mobile. Now, before you get all excited about it, let me make it clear, I was not on KBC nor was any of my friends. I am a normal person, who thinks of himself as very smart by catching up on KBC at diner time along with his family, giving couple of correct answers of the questions asked and thinking himself to be a genius-who can win 10 Million at KBC any given day but is too lazy to apply.

Anyways,Just as I was about to shout out, How big a fan I was of him, I found one thing very strange, Amit Ji went on speaking and informed me about the wonderful hello tunes my cell phone operator was providing me at steal away prices, He also played his favorite hello tunes, one’s which he personally liked and that is when i realized, this was just another irritating marketing idea of some big hot shot marketing manager at a telecom company to market his hello tunes, reach his targets and very importantly in the process harass the customer. I happened to be the customer- Who from his point of view has no other job but to wait for cell phone calls and messages to buy the next hip hop tune of times. Amit ji voice was pre recorded in duplicate to sell Hello Tunes. God Save these cellular operator. I hanged up the phone in disgust resigned to the fact that I can do nothing about it.

It has become a Mafia now, these Spam Calls and Messages, picture this I get 25 Spam messages in a day informing me about everything from Investment Opportunity to Hair Transplants and if messages were not enough they have started harassing now on the phone with pre-recorded messages. As if, i did a mistake by having a cell phone.

Wish people could value other people’s privacy for once and find out some sane way to reach out to consumers other than bombarding them with bulk SMS and Tele-calls.


2 thoughts on “The Day When Amitabh Bachan Called!

    1. Yes Mehta Ji, I do buy leads and call students, but the difference lies in the fact that they have shown an interest first in receiving a call from me, and my call is not completely out of the blue. While in the other case, the only criteria for bombarding me with calls is that I am employed. I do not call each and every candidate who is in final year graduation or do bulk messages that is not our marketing model. although, I would have to agree with your later statement, we all are leads in today’s commercialized world.

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