Happens Only @ Delhi Roads!(A Classic)

Now, who does not love having an identity for his/her car, that smart bumper stickers like ” Prince on Board”, “VIP on Board”, “Dad’s Gift”, “Mama’s Boy/Girl” , “Press” and So on..not to say anything about Political/Government Stickers..but what caught my eye till date has been, this masterpiece on a car, I saw today on Delhi roads, I wont like to say much as they say-the photograph says it all.

Above picture caught @ 9:00 AM at a Red light in Delhi.

I simply love the honesty shown by this individual.

He gets my vote:D

Important Update- The Person who clicked this picture is my sweet little sister-Divya, who is annoyed with me for not mentioning her in the first place. Please accept my sincerest apologies sis, it would never have been possible without your photographic skills.:-)




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