Of Dogs and More@ISBT-Delhi

Trust me as I write this, there is a group of Dogs next to me( 5 meters away) with the most innocent and humble eyes that you can ever get in this world. Looking towards me hopefully in search of that elusive pair of biscuits that we throw towards them in pity and feel our part of good deed is done for the day and it would add valuable brownie points to our Karma, which would matter so much at our final destination.

I am at ISBT, New Delhi and being from Delhi I was not expecting world class facilities from this place( having been here quite a number of times) but what has amazed me is that we do not even have basic amenities here and by basic amenities I mean basic by Indian Standards. A set of chairs for people to sit on, Ample Light around the stop, nothing which even a small town bus stop should have is present here. I am sitting on the floor by the side of a pillar in ISBT bus station, 1st floor, the stairs that I took to reach here were without lights and pretty uneven, I am waiting for my Bus at 8 and watch as life flows past me, unfazed by the worst kind of amenities being provided to them, I guess, we Indians have become quite accustomed to filth around us, so much so, that it does not surprise us any more, Sad but True.

I can see the Dogs become aggressive as I write it, I guess, I do not have much time before I will have to make my move from here.

This post was just an eye opener for people travelling through this part of ISBT.

Kindly travel with care.



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