What not to do on a Sales Call!

In my current profile at work, I have got a chance of meeting, lots of sales guys from different organizations and being on the other side of the table for once. I am not for a moment saying, that I am the perfect sales guys or am pro at it but i feel there are some basic sales etiquette, which I have found missing in many of the sales teams, whom I have met and thought just to pen down my two cents on what I feel should be avoided on your sales calls.

1. Do Not assume the customers problem and assume your product/solution is perfect for it!

Quite often then not, I get sales guys pitching to me, the next best solution to a problem, that they have not even bothered asking for, my sincere request to you will be let the customer do the talking first, as they say in sales jargon, Know the problem first before suggesting your solution! Kindly listen!

2. Do Not talk in “In-between” lines, talk  “Straight” !

Now, this is a peculiar problem, If you ask a sales guy, what will be the benefit of a particular service?, he would tell you all the advantages of the service apart from telling you the real benefits to you.

3.  Do Not “Over commit”, Mantra should be to “under commit” and outperform!

We know, you guys have targets to achieve but I think it would help your cause better if you can be realistic in your sales talk and not talk of giving moon to the customer when even a star seems a distant bet rather Mantra should be to under commit and outperform.

4. Do Not wait till next business renewal date to say “hello”!

You are the best judge of your services, it is your duty to advice customers on how best to make most out of your services, What should be done when? If the project is heading in the right direction? What can be done to efficiently manage things? these are all the inputs, which a customer looks forward to from his sales guy and appreciates.  Always, keep in touch with customer, even after you hand him over to customer service guys, it is after all you who needs to get the renewal of business from him next time around.

Do not be like police, At the crime scene after it is done and over with!

5. Do Not run away from customer when he needs you the most!

This is the worst thing you can do, and I have seen it happening, After a sale is completed, when a sales person feels that, things are not working out in terms of service or product. he runs away from the customer, doesn’t pick his phone or responds to his mails, and that is,when the customer needs you the most.

Which according to me is akin to committing business suicide, never will you be able to go back to him or his business friends circle again for getting sales. Mantra should be face it like a man, customer is not going to shoot you, in fact, he may appreciate the fact, that you stand with him, even when the service is not up to the expectations. Find out ways to help the customer and not run away and you will see the difference.

6. Do Not underestimate the customer and bluff!

Do not think, that a customer can be taken for a ride just because he doesn’t know something about your field, even though he may not know the facts, they can be easily counter checked and thrown back at you

Lastly, Be True!

I know, this is the hardest thing to do sometimes, but, half the deal is done, If only you have this one trait!

It has been a pleasure meeting/working with all of you.

Thank you for giving me these experiences!




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