Why I am not going to be Rowdy This Weekend!

First thing first, I am relieved now that the movie Rowdy Rathore has finally released, not because, I am dying to see this movie but because in couple of days time, I would be relieved of having to go through the pain of watching its trailers on television and hearing its song on Radio. As simple as that.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons, why I guess, we can do without being Rowdy:

1.  The Heroine, Ms. Sonakshi, who I think now has shifted full fledged to playing second fiddle around action heroes, just heard her interview other day on a news channel and she talked about how she did not want to be “Stereo typed” and hence was choosing her roles selectively.(That is an other matter, she could only get one role after her first movie!)

2. The Hero, Mr Kumar, After the failures of his last many films, I guess, Akshay wants to go back to his old macho action hero image, good for him I guess, but the only problem is he looks to have gone over board in doing it, sample this, when he thrashes a bad guy to ground, he hits him so hard that he bounces off the face of the earth!!!

3. The Director, Prabhu Deva, I like his dancing, trust me I do, I still remember me trying to imitate his steps in child hood, but I guess, he has tried to do one thing too many in this film, the fight scenes that I could see in the trailer look more like dance steps to me, all going through like choreographed by a Dance master, people bouncing off, falling together, getting up together and so on, like a dance troupe

4. It is 2012 not 1990, from the trailers, this movie seems to be set out of the 90’s era,when action heroes like Akshay, Ajay Devgan and Suniel Shetty ruled bollywood but lot of water has passed under the bridge from then, the audience today wants a new story line, not a stereotyped masala movie in a new packaging

5. Its music- face it do you really want to listen to Chin ta ta china china..? I mean, I really am not fan of Chinese products anyways!

I am giving Rowdy a skip are you?



Source for the picture used above: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rowdy_Rathore.jpg




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