Weird Reasons-Why MBA?

I have been part of the MBA bandwagon for last many years now, first was struggling to crack CAT exams for couple of years through coaching centers,  then, joined and completed an MBA program, and now am working for Business School, and all the while I have been really active online on community forums for MBA aspirants, which has given me some understanding of not only all the right reasons for why people want to do an MBA but also some of the weird reasons that make people to do MBA.( to say nothing of the inflated pay packages that MBA aspirants dream of!)


Some of the Weird Reasons of Why MBA?

1. I want to get married, an MBA degree will increase my market price in the marriage economy 

High in number, these kind of aspirants are looking for an MBA tag so that, they can be priced highly in the marriage bazaar and the increase is directly proportional to the fee of the MBA program that they are doing. #sadbuttrue 

2. I do not want to get married!

Another category high in demand, these aspirants want to run away from the marriage bazaar that their family wants them to be auctioned too! 

3. I want to stay away from my family, go out there and explore the world!

Typically these aspirants have not stayed out of their home town, have always lived with their families, MBA gives them that last opportunity to move out of there secure home and explore their true potential.

4. I want to enjoy 2 years of my life, it would be like a extended holiday

Now, what should I say, there is this section of the MBA aspirant junta that just wants to enjoy the 2 years of life and MBA forms just the by product of that enjoyment. Nothing wrong in that, If you have the moolah and the time, why not spend it. 

5. My brother/sister/friend did it, now my family wants me to follow

The old Indian herd mentality, he did it, so should I and sadly, it forms a major chunk of aspirants.

6. I want to meet the Business school brand ambassador once!

Now, these category of students have only once place to head to, and you know the name, don’t you?



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