I was thinking of going to Hills until I Saw this!!

It is summer time, a time, when most of us plan our yearly holidays, I am hill person and have always been fascinated by the calm and serenity that hills provide, also, hills provide us with an easy escape route from the heat of the plains or so I thought until, I checked the hills temperature on Google and was surprised by the forecast for the next 3-4 days in major hill stations of North India.

Weather forecast for 8th June-11th June, 2012: Source: Google




With temperature nearly touching 35’C in each of the location, what is the use?

Is it a natural phenomenon or Have we polluted our hills too?



2 thoughts on “I was thinking of going to Hills until I Saw this!!

  1. i also checked out for all these hill stations some timee ago and found the same results. then checked for kathmandu. the weather there is much better!

    1. I guess Kathmandu is still untouched by pollution and green house effect but I am afraid, if things are not taken in right direction, it may not last for long. on the other side, good to hear you are going for holidays, I wish you the best for them! Happy Journey! Have Fun!:-)

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