[Book Review]Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe

Things fall apart, is an old classic book, published in the year 1958. It was among the first African books written in English to get critical acclaim. The author is Mr. Chinua Achebe, who is from Nigeria. It is also widely used as a text book in schools around the world and talks about life in Africa before and just about the time, the Christian Missionaries arrived their.( Source: Wikipedia)  And, that is exactly what I found interesting and thought of taking up this book, have not been able to read much on Africa and thought of it as a good beginning.

The book is centered around a Strong Man and through him his Clan in Nigeria, through out the book, the writer gives you a glimpse of life in Africa before westerners colonized it, he has beautifully woven stories, to showcase the life and customs in pre-colonial Africa, If you go through wikipedia, they mention that, this book talks about effect that missionaries had on clans in Africa, and I was interested in that aspect also, but sadly, I do not find this book describing that much in detail. Yes, it talks about them but only after half of the book is over and that too not in detail. So, you can give this book a skip, if you are looking to research on that, not a page turner, it will take time for you to get engrossed in this one.

Can Skip:

1. Those who are not interested in History

2. Those who do not like slow paced books

From my side, I would rate this book 3 on 5.



P.S: You may take time to get a hang of African Names in the book!

Source for Picture: http://www.alliedpublishers.com/BookDetails.aspx?BookId=20

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