From Weekend to Weekend!

Here we are yet again at the brink of another weekend, in just about sometime from now, we would have happy weekend messages on our fb and twitter time lines, we will have PVR fb page asking us, which movie will we be wasting our money on? and in a flash the weekend will be here and gone!

But, I want to have another take on a weekend, may be it may sound boring and preachy to some of my friends and readers, but, I really want to put this on writing, Do weekends only mean doing things that only give us personal satisfaction or we can be involved in things that have a greater meaning then just wasting time in front of a Television or a Cinema screen, Why can’t we have a different kind of a weekend where we are doing things which are constructive, positive and bring about a change in people around us.

I am not pointing fingers here at anyone, but all I am trying to do is self analyze things, in the rush of every day life,we tend to ignore the dark side of our living, we take it for granted that we cannot do anything, we are helpless, isn’t it? Be it a child begging at a Red light or children of a maid, who have to spend all day outside under a tree, in this scorching summer, I truly believe that with Globalization, we Indian”s have got access to lot of things, that our parents did not have, but in the process, we have also become ignorant of people around us. It is as if they don’t matter, or the problems are too great to be handled by us alone!


I am one of you and feel the same way, but this question has been bothering me for quite some time now, what about those who have been left behind? Do we let them be? or at least try to make a difference to there life’s.

I do not know, how it will happen or what role I would play but one things is for sure, I would try to play my part in it.

Have a happy weekend!



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