[Book Review]Dubai:The Making of a Megapolis by Pranay Gupte

If you are interested in knowing more about Dubai then this can be one of the books for you, but kindly keep in mind that it will give you only a positive outlook on the city and it would not be wrong to say, that this book seems to be written with a positive outlook by the author overlooking many of the not so go good aspects about Dubai as a city, but then all of us have good and bad things about us, to talk nothing of a whole city.

The books begins with a few chapters on Dubai’s history, its rulers and how they have shaped the modern day Dubai. It talks of India’s relation with Dubai and how numerous Indian’s made it big and played a important role in shaping up modern day Dubai. hence, we read about stories of Indian businessman who made it big in Dubai. you can also read more about Dubai Government working mechanism and the vision behind it.

My only complain to the Mr. Pranay Gupte will be that this book does not put any light on life of ordinary Indians in Dubai, we get to hear about all the top businessman but not a single story on a life of a ordinary Indian in Dubai, it would have been great if we could have that aspect in this book, at the moment it looks to me as a book targeted towards upper class audience. High fliers who fly in business class and have access to the highest echelon of Dubai government, why not a story of a Individual who made it big on his own in Dubai?, that is what i found is missing.

All in all a OK read but not a must read.

Source for the picture above: http://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/books/dubai-the-making-of-a-megapolis-the-hearts-of-those-who-built-it



P.S:-> I really loved the book cover design!:-)


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