Delhi Radio Stations:New Age Preachers of Morality?

I travel daily via car to my office, which is about a 1 hour drive from my home, as is the case with many of us, I too tune into radio stations while travelling, my main objective for doing that is music but since sometime, I have also been following quite a few RJ’s of various radio stations, majorly they all have couple of  things in common, discussion on bollywood, cricket and romance. These are what I call as masala programming, hurts no one and is enjoyable by all.

But of Late, I have seen an advent of Moralistic Programming on morning radio shows, mainly it is being led by two radio stations, one which goes by the tag line of “Number 1 to Number 1 hota hai” and second whose tag line says “Radio bole to “**.1”.  The morning RJ’s of both the channels have tried to do something serious in terms of content, for the so declared “No.1” radio station, we have two RJ’s who call themselves as “Dabbang” lecturing every morning on evils of Delhi society from Municipality problem to Price rise to women not being safe in Delhi, which is perfectly all right but my issue comes when they start preaching and declaring they are the voice of people, they will roll up drums every morning for causes which no one cares about but still are portrayed as being very serious, just to give you an example, this radio station went overboard in getting a road named after Sachin Tendulkar in Delhi, for about 2 weeks they kept shouting on top of their voices on how it is a matter of national pride and how whole of Delhi wants it,  it is an all together a different thing that in the end nothing happened and our crusaders shifted to a new topic.

Today, morning they have a new gimmick, an employee from there office has just got an enlightenment that he wants to run for the office of president and since he is a common man he wants your support to get support for MLA/MP’s to recommend him for the post of President, ridiculous as it might sound, he is heard making appeals on radio like these ” Ek aam aadmee bhi president ke liye khada ho sakta hai, mai yeh deekhana chata hoo”,  my only question to this aam admee is Why did this enlightenment come so late in the day, that he wants to run for president? Why didn’t he plan it well in advance and worked hard to get the support of MP/MLA’s?, I am sorry but I will have to say, it all sounds a bit fake, It is good that you want to bring about social changes in our society but my friend, charity begins at home first, if you really want to sound genuine and concerned, show us first what have you done to bring about that change. as goes an old saying “Action speak louder than words”, till you do that, you are no more than just a noise to me.

Same is the case with the lady, who positions her self as a no nonsense RJ, who speaks her mind, but the only thing you will remember about her is the way she ridicules each and every one, who comes in her mind, not even sparing people, who call in, for GOD knows what reasons, only to be bull dozed by her, she talks of various issues plaguing us,  how we are so bad and how we should be doing things the right way but again fails to tell us what is she doing about it.? I have all together stopped listening to her, cause it is just so irritating to hear her shout at and ridicule people, day in and day out.

My sincere request to those RJ’s preaching us morality would be to lead us by example and If not then please stop preaching and return to your masala content.

Spare us the torture!


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2 thoughts on “Delhi Radio Stations:New Age Preachers of Morality?

  1. Seriously? That’s ridiculous!!
    It’s like everybody is doing the same thing. Just that because we are not doing anything, we can point fingers at others. Wish poeple would grow up!

    1. Ghata,I think, it has got more to do with lack of any genuine ideas on content for the morning shows, they want to be seen as doing something different, but by doing this, all they end up doing is sounding childish!

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