Avatar of a Boot Licker!

Once upon a time, a Boss was feeling really low, he tried all the things he could but nothing could up lift his mood, then something happened, which has kept him happy ever since, a person was sent to make him feel good, a person to massage his larger than life ego, a person who could make even his absurd advice sound as Gospel words, a person whose only objective in life was not work but was to make his boss happy.

Bit like, Gollum in the Lord of the Rings,It did not matter to him personally who was sitting in that chair, his loyalty was towards the chair and not the person sitting in the chair and no matter, how many bosses came and went the boot licker always bowed to the chair and lived in its shadow.

Soon, the power of Boot Licker grew under the patronage of the chair and many young people now dream t of being in his place, which started a Rat Race among all of them and the question was who could bow to the lowest level to please the powers in the chair and the culture became something like below;


Moral of the Story: Boot Lickers play a very important role in our modern day society, if you are not one start practicing to be one because you never know, your next promotion may be just a boot lick away.




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