[Book Review]Maximum City by Suketu Mehta

I have Off late tried to read couple of books but unfortunately have not got the flow going with any of them,I mean,I start with them enthusiastically but some how have not been able to get past the first couple of chapters,it was in this scenario that I picked by Maximum City by Suektu Mehta and thank God I did!:-)

If in one word I had to state my experience from the book, I would say it is “Splendid”,the book is about the city of Dreams-‘Mumbai’, it talks of the lives of people that make it up and has detailed descriptions of a personality from each field, through the words of the author you get a glimpse into life of the underworld dons, bar dancers, film industry, politics and lots of other people that make up the city which is Mumbai.

The quality of the book lies in that each page, gives you a glimpse into a vivid personality which make up the mega city of Mumbai and reasons for why despite all odds people love coming to Mumbai.

A Must read for all those looking for an Insight into what goes on into making Mumbai the dream city for Indians.

One of my all time favourite books now.

P.S:-The book is like an addiction,pick it up if you have time at your hand,Cause once you pick it up, you wont be able to keep it down,until you finish it.

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