Urgent Requirement for Yes Men!

On numerous occasions in my professional life, I have come across people in top positions,who have passed on clear instructions to their junior management that all they would like to hear is what they feel is correct and no heed will be given to original ideas or facts on the ground.

At first,I thought this was a one off case but over a period of time,it has been established without doubt that a culture has been established within the organization of Yes Men and only those who have the ability to adhere to unwritten law have any chance to survive or prosper and following the Top-Bottom approach,this culture has taken deep roots in every aspect of organization.

I am not here to crib but I want to take up a larger question,how having only Yes Men around you,only ruins the organization in the Long Run. Sample this aspect,lets say we take the sales aspect of an organization,A On Field manager would like to project a certain target ‘X’ keeping the ground realities in mind but when he goes to the higher management for approval he is ordered to sell “X+1” and is termed as incompetent if he shows even an iota of dissent or shares the problems he is facing in selling.On the contrary no chance is given to him to explain his reason for projecting “X” in the first place.It is ‘felt’ by management that he can sell “X+1” and so he should.

So our sales manager being the smart guy that he is does what any smart person would do to survive he becomes a Yes Men and a Yes boss to his juniors, he promptly revises his targets and sends the same message to his Juniors and the cycle repeats,any junior who dares to disagree is declared to be one with a “Defeatist” attitude and silenced, while at the heart every one knows he is correct.

Over a period of time the results are for all to see,where in in the pursuit of “X+1”,they do not even sell “X”, team becomes demotivated, smart guys leave for better avenues while for those who are left behind “Office Politics” becomes the buzz word,playing the blame game to the galleries and as for the management they start playing “Revolving Doors” where any person who plays their line is termed as the right guy for the job i.e. until he also fails and the next guy comes in.

The only Looser here is the organization and no one else.

My Only question to you is what will you do in this scenario?

Will you play along and be a Yes Man?

For me being a Yes Man is never an option!



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