Chalo Social Media Karte Hai!

Selling the concept of Social Media to Senior Management in some of the Mid-Level Indian Organizations happens like the below conversation.

Me: Sir, you are really lagging behind in your engagement on Social Media Platforms!

Client:Kya baat kar rahe ho? We have Facebook/Blog aur woh kya kehte hai use..,.Tweeteeer!

Me:Sir, you do not do Social Media, just by having respective pages!

Client: Arey, we have one of our staff daily updating all the pages,with what is happening in the organization!

Me:Sir, that is not Social Media, that is called as “Broadcasting”! 

Client: How come, we had also hired one social media agency,they got us 5000 likes on our page in 3 months, gave us 100 leads and we also converted one of them,beautiful job they did and they even shot a video of mine, which they uploaded on youtube for us free of cost! Can you beat that?

Me: No Sir, not in my wildest dreams!

Social Media, is one of the most promising medium for reaching out to your segment and starting a conversation with them, unfortunately,it  is also one of the most misunderstood too, with most of the people in decision making positions, having no knowledge about what this medium is all about?, What to expect from it? and How to make the most of it?. Add to this mix, large number of zero knowledge social media agencies, who are just in it to make money, they have a straight forward business model of taking in business from these managers, hiring low cost resources,establishing the social media presence for the client, buying a certain number of likes on pages, broadcasting the clients sales pitch and finally giving in a few leads to the clients to show them their effectiveness.

This nexus results in a win win situation for the manager, he can say that he is doing Social Media to his top bosses and the agency, well it has the moolah to take home, the only looser in this whole game is the Brand and yes, we the social media community.

Gets on to my nerves!


Source for the above Child image :

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