What does it feel like?

What does it feel like to be back to your college? that is a question that I have been asked ever since I returned to IMT,Dubai about 4 days back.

The New Hostel Block

To be really honest,I will say, it feels the same,I mean, we have the same campus apart from a new block building which has just been constructed .

Students still play football in the lawn in the evening and cricket in the parking lot behind the girls hostel.

We still have the same bus stop and the same 365 bus coming every half an hour to take us to international city.


I visited library,remains the same but what I found missing was the students hurdled on the corner desks, as our batch used to be, all packed up, some students doing there assignments and some just passing time along with there love interests.:-) Since the new batch is yet to arrive on campus, I am assuming it would also have its moments.

The Mess has been extended to accommodate more students, although the food remains the same, we have a new fitness center, which also has facilities for table tennis and carom.What has changed is that, we do not have a 24×7 convenience store to walk to,its place has been taken,by a new convenience store named as Circle K. It pretty much offers the same products, but for the change in name.

ImageThe Food court remains the same, and yes, we still have Bombay Choupati and Subway over there. One major update is the construction of a shopping mall right next to our campus, imagine, we are soon going to be neighbors to a full fledged shopping mall,I just can’t imagine, if it would have been the case, when we were around.:-)

Rest of the things remain the same, apart from yes, new university campuses coming along in vicinity.

To be Continued..!

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