No Where to Go!


Here I am..All ready and set with no where to go!

I get dressed up every morning;

Full of Positive thoughts and a bit of my favorite cologne;

Wish my Mom Good Bye with my Lunch in my Hand;

Push on the ignition in my car;

Drive it out of my garage and on to the road;

I am full of dreams but the moment I hit the road;

A realization comes up fast;

I have No Where to Go!

What?? How Could do this happen to me?

An MBA with so much to Achieve and so much to Do!

and you say, I have No Where to go?

Double Check please God, I am sure you are mistaken;

I have Everywhere to go and Everything to Achieve;

The Only thing is that, I may have to look a little Farther;

and, I will have the Sky to Go!:-)


Source for the Above Picture:


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