Karva Chauth-Only Women Can do It!

I am in bed, deep in sleep;

and, she is already getting ready for the day ahead;

My sleep breaks and I call out her name;

What is it? Why are you up so early?

she smiles and answers back;

Its my day remember;

and then, I remember, surely its her day;

she will get up at 4 AM in the morning;

get all dressed up, look at the stars;

say a little prayer, have little food;

and, go hungry the whole day ahead;

Not for herself but for ME.

it is Karwa Chauth; the Indian festival of Women;

who go hungry the whole day, not for themselves;

but for their husbands;

It’s a Man’s World they say;

but some how I feel, it is only because;

these selfless Women have given us that right;

we owe it to them, to love them right;

and, give them wings to fly;

their is no way in the world that a man can repay;

what a women does for him;

the least he can do is give her the same selfless love;

and, happiness for life.

Wishing all the women a very happy Karva Chauth and saluting their spirit for being so selfless in their love and dedication.

A very special Karva Chauth wishes to my Wife, Mom and Sister, whom I have seen so closely and who have indebted me with their selfless love for life.

God Bless!


Source for the above picture: http://indiawires.com/2942/gallery/karwa-chauth-the-most-romantic-festival-in-india/

14 thoughts on “Karva Chauth-Only Women Can do It!

  1. Very beautiful thought! Wish all the men out there thought like you, we’d have so many lesser women-related crimes in our society!
    But anyway, not wanting to spoil the festive fervor, Happy Karva chauth wishes to your Mom, wife and sister :-))

  2. With due respect for who do it, my take is this:

    Today is Karvachauth. Most North Indian ladies fast for their husband’s long life. I could never prescribe to this ritual. How fasting by a wife can enhance the age of her husband when we believe that the date of our birth and death are per-destined and more so if a husband is an ogre in real life.

    More important that this annual ritual is for the spouses to love every day, care for him/her and his/her family, respecting each other and each other’s privacy, total faith on each other… then may be both will live a healthy and happy life. Life cannot be measured in quantity but by quality.

    1. Hi Rajeev,

      Thanks for the read. I agree with most of what you have to say but I guess, you will also have to agree, it is the intent and the selfless love of the women that I want to bring about. whether it leads to something in quantifiable terms or not but just to have someone go empty stomach whole day only for you is an over whelming feeling. now, whether it really adds up to numbers is not something really that we should be concerned about.

      and, I completely agree when you say, “Life cannot be measured in quantity by quality”, I guess, it all boils down to what we believe in life and what drives us. Its not the end result that I want to highlight but the intent.


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