Too Much Love!


You may have heard the saying-“Love makes the world go around”;

Today, I am going to tell you a side effect of it-“Too much love will make your head go round”;

Apply this concept anywhere that you may want to-Career,Family,Friends,Girls and it would work;

You love your Boss and he loves you back? Good, but too much of it makes you extra comfortable in your job and makes it hard for you to plan for the day, when a new boss comes along and you have show to find a new job.

You love your Family and they love you back?Good but love them too much and it would make you dependent on them for even the smallest things in your life and make it hard for you to stand on your own feet, earn your respect in this world and have a control on your life.

You love your Friends and they love you back?Good but love them too much and you will loose your sense of individuality and become a pile on, one who can be easily manipulated and taken for granted.

You love your Girl and she loves you back? Good but love her too much and soon you will become a dumb head, who will have no control over his emotions and will be ruled by his heart rather than his mind.A person who will, expect silly things of her and make life tough for both.

Some, wise man didn’t just say “Extreme of anything and everything will get your life in trouble!”, I am sure he saw this adage work in every little thing in Life, hell, even more of nature is bad.

So, next time you love remember not to do “Too Much of it”, will make your life so much easier and save you the heart burn that follows.

Till next time I write.



P.S: Source for the image used above:

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