New Horizons and Me!

They say “Change is the only thing constant in Life!” and I could not have agreed more.

After being based out of Delhi for last 2 years, I have moved back to Dubai.

I was working for IMT Dubai in Delhi Office and have been transferred back to main campus, Over here I look forward to contribute more towards organisation building activities. Being on campus gives me everyday access to all the stakeholders on the campus and allows me to keep a tab on the beat around campus.

I also look forward to be able to present Life@IMT Dubai to the world through the Social Media platforms, and work closely with students on campus. It is a fresh start for me in Dubai and I hope to live up to the expectations.

Only time will tell, all I can do is give it my best.:-)

God Bless!

-Ankur Vohra

6 thoughts on “New Horizons and Me!

    1. Hey nice to hear from you after long, Keep reading your blog and I must say you have an amazing ability to express in words.:-)
      Academic city is my home in Dubai, have stayed here on campus whenever I am here:-), kind of a second home, and you were on our website, are you thinking of joining an MBA program by any chance?:P

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