Life Lessons!


As I have grown a bit older, met new people, experienced the happiness of winning and the pain of a failure. I am becoming more and more convinced to the thought that there is more to Life than just the next salary hike or the next I-Phone. As they say about the Rat Race of our times, if you get into it and even if you win you will still remain a Rat.

In these times, we find it easier to curse our life for what we do not have but harder to be thankful to God about the things that we have.So, you will have your friends around you who even after getting a higher than average salary package will be sulking because a distant cousin has supposedly landed up in a job with 10% higher CTC. I mean talk about the limits of foolishness and this would be crossing it by about a mile at least but I do not blame the chap either it is our collective thinking as a society which puts this immense pressure on an otherwise perfectly normal individual, who has got his priorities all wrong in Life. One who rates his or her success in Life in comparison to another individual and let that effect his overall outlook towards life.

Another immediate experience that comes to my mind is of a candidate who came for an interview- a perfectly bright girl, topper of her class, excellent extra curricular’s.  She comes and sits down for an interview with us, 5 minutes in the interview and she starts crying, all because she was not able to answer one academic question. Now, you can imagine the kind of pressure she would be carrying on herself, If she started crying for just one failed question in an interview. That should give you an indication of the kind of negative society that we are giving to our future generations, one where it is not OK to not know even one question and one where an individual breaks down due to the fear of failure. We can’t know everything in Life, Can We?

I know my cribbing out this on my blog will not change much but Still I wanted to put this up on this space, even If I can bring difference to an individual’s Life my purpose will be solved.

You can’t win everything in Life. It is OK to fail too.One who understands this will understand Life!-Ankur

God Bless!

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