My Idea of a Weekend!

My Room. Wifi in the Air.Music. Headphones.Something to Contemplate on. And a Book in my Hand.


That is about it and I am set. Can stay in my room for 2 full days without any live interaction with the outside world. A Man of really small needs. I am!:-)

Not many may find this interesting but then this is me!



4 thoughts on “My Idea of a Weekend!

    1. Exactly.You need to be completely lonely to have this kind of experience. Although, not recommended on a frequent basis but yes sometime time spend only with oneself helps in rejuvenating.can’t even imagine this kind of luxury back in India, where the greatest commodity is Time.:-)

    1. he he..You can say that..but for me its more of exploring the world(The best way to that today is a computer with a Wifi connection!) and spending some time with myself.

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