Phir Milenge Dubai!

“Phir Milenge Dubai!”, This was the very thought with which I left the shores of a city close to my heart, a city that has given me so much, my very own Dubai.

I am back home now, after resigning from my job at IMT. That point had come in my career where I had to take a call, on one hand was a known quantity in the shape of my Job in IMT, in which I was now comfortably settled, doing a good job at it( My apologies for being a bit boisterous here!) and on the other hand was an unknown opportunity in the shape of a career in Social Media and Communications, something which I have always wanted to do but didn’t really get a good opportunity to enter earlier.

Luckily for me I got that opportunity now, in the form of Windchimes Communications (, The role of a Business Development guy in the fast evolving Digital Media field really enticed me and after a lot of deliberations, I decided to take the plunge for it. Another big advantage for me was that, the opportunity was in my hometown of Delhi and thus gave me an opportunity to stay with my family, whom I missed so badly in Dubai.

For all of my juniors, I have this one piece of advice, there is always a trade off in anything you do in Life and It is always up to an individual to take a call depending upon the priorities one has. Now, some of you would say, I should have stayed back in Dubai and carried on with my Job in IMT, after all, I was good at it, was not really a pressure job and I had developed my comfort zone, sensible choice right? but then I would say, If I would have stayed back I would have lost an opportunity to enter a field that I so love, It may be challenging for me in the beginning couple of months but then If I can make it through them, I would be a much more satisfied person and grown professionally too.

In the end what matters is your personal satisfaction and growth, Doesn’t it?

So here I am, New Horizons now, New Opportunities, New Learnings in a New Field, the start of a fresh new innings with Windchimes Communications!

God Bless!

Until then, I will have to say, Phir Milenge Dubai!:-)



6 thoughts on “Phir Milenge Dubai!

  1. Very well said! All the best Ankur. I have known you as a student and as A collegue. In both ways I found you to be truely an amaizing human being. God bless you always.

    1. Thank you for your such kind and good words for me madam.Coming from you, It really means a lot for me.I hope to live up to your expectations and meet you sometime in the future soon. It was a pleasure to be your student and a colleague too.:-)

      Yours Sincerely,

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