The Super Chimers of Gurgaon!


You don’t find cool people in offices,right? or,that is what I also thought, before landing up at the doors of Windchimes-Gurgaon. Here, I was lucky enough to have met,some of the coolest people that you will ever find, all working enjoying together and sharing a camaraderie which is rare to find these days in any office.

Each one of them is special and has an ability to make you feel good,no matter, what kind of situation you are in,I do not think one post will be enough to talk about each one of them but I would still like to jot down briefly, about the warmth and the connect that I felt while working with them. I can be a little moody at work, you know we all are a little bit and during my mood swings, I always had an option of turning towards one or the other Chimers in Office, so below is the list of my mood swings and the chimers, I looked up to for relief at that point of time.

My Mood Swings and Chimers who helped me out.

1. When I felt let down-I looked towards Ayush, to realise that I still have people around me who I can bank upon any day. There are very few people in this world who you can trust very easily, Ayush has a very clam and poised personality,some one who enjoys the trust of those around him. A real gentleman and a team player.

2. When I was looking for Resilience-I looked towards Rajnandani,A gem of a person, I guess being a bengali,vivaciousness comes naturally to her. A perfectionist and a real good manager, she never looses her smile even when odds are stacked against her.She is someone, who teaches you to never give up.

3. When I was looking for Innocence-I looked towards Neha, after dealing with clever and prickly clients all day, talking to Neha was a bliss. A beautiful young lady, with the innocence of a child within her, Neha is someone who can lighten the mood, no matter how bad the situation is.

4. When I was looking for some sweets help, I looked towards Arushi, you know those irritating parts in power point, when you just do not get it how to get the text alignment right or get that picture formatted. those silly little things,that you are just not able to do, well, I faced the same issues but luckily for me, I had Arushi around me to help me out, and with a couple of quick clicks, she got me out of the trouble every time around. A real world genie for sure. A really helpful person, Arushi is sure to help you out no matter what the situation and ohh yes, she was also for me the official after lunch sweets sponsor.

5. When I felt like boasting off, I looked towards Raza, you know we all want to show off sometimes, right? and to be true, I too had sometimes that streak come over me, so who do I go to, the friendly intern in the office-Raza. A friendly person, who would listen to you and try to grasp as much as he can from you. Raza, has that inherent hunger for knowledge. He takes initiatives and is looking for opportunities to learn from people around him, which for me meant playing a mentor to him for a short little time. A ambitious guy, I am sure he would go places with his awesome attitude.

6. When I was looking for some answers, I looked towards Naveen, we all get stuck sometimes with situations don’t we, a demanding client or a difficult day in office, luckily for me I had Naveen around, always an optimist, he used to have an answer for even the most difficult situation. A never say die attitude, Naveen is someone who has learnt a lot in life through his experiences, which easily come out during the conversations you have with him.

7.When I was looking for some peppy conversations, I looked towards Gunjan,no doubt about it, if you are feeling a little low in Gurgaon office and want to pep things up, go to Gunjan, a strongly opinionated and an upfront girl. Gunjan is someone, who does not keep anything in her heart. If she is feeling something, she would say it to your face and not keep it to her heart. Full of energy and always ready for peppy conversations around Aashiqui-2/Justin Beiber( In that order!)

8.When I was looking for some passion, I looked towards Pooja and her love for Sharukh Khan. Had never met a hardcore Sharukh fan before but seeing her taking the entire team on behalf of Sharukh taught me how passion can even make a daunting task  easy. Will always remember the legendary camaraderie she shares with Raza while working.

If you are looking for some of the most talented and coolest people to work with Windchimes Gurgaon office will be right up there. It was a pleasure to be a part of such talented and beautiful bunch of people.

Thank you for being awesome!




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