Life lessons from the footpaths of Connaught Place-Delhi


I bought this poster for Rs 20/- almost 12years back, from one of the many footpath vendors, who frequent the pathways of CP.I was in Class 11th and it has been on my almirah ever since then. I will say this poster has been one of the major influencers in my life, taught me how to be better prepared for life. whenever, I am feeling down,I love to go back to this poster and refresh my life lessons.

Never could find better value for Rs 20/- and a gem of a poster like this.

Have you also got something like this on your room walls? Do you also like buying such posters? kindly, share with me your favourite poster below, I would love to add more to my collection and life lessons.

Thank you for your time.



4 thoughts on “Life lessons from the footpaths of Connaught Place-Delhi

  1. I loved this poster so much bro .. priceless gems to succeed for Rs 20 ? If you are following this you are surely a king by now 🙂 Thank you for sharing !!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words although, I will not call myself king. I am just a simple boy trying to make a sense of life:-)

      1. if you are still a boy and yet looking out to solve the riddle called life .. it says you are the king , or the would be soon.. and the poster does treat you as a student of its priceless words 🙂

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