How dating a girl and maintaing healthy professional relationships are similar!


Do you find it tough to cultivate and maintain healthy professional relationships? Are you also facing the dilemma of how do you behave in a professional relationship? Well, then this write up may just be the right starting point for you. I have also faced the same questions in my professional life and with my experiences, I can now, confidently say that there are many similarities between dating a girl and maintaining healthy professional relationships.

Seven principles for maintaining healthy professional relationships 

1. Cultivate transactional Relationships for the long term

Did you go for a date with a girl ever with the sole objective of a one night stand? If yes, I am assuming your success rate would not have been really high or was it?

I have seen most of the people fail in maintaining professional relationships because they are in it for the short term.the next job change, the next sale or that amazing company that your contact can refer you to and when it does not happen instantly- Kaboom, you loose interest and are left with a heart burn. I am not saying that it is wrong in assuming that your professional relationships will help you in moving up in your professional life. What is wrong is in you assuming that they would do it your way and at your allotted time. cultivating professional relationships is not like making instant Maggi noodles but more like baking a cake, you got to give them time and space.

2.Do not EXPECT

If a girl went out for a date with you for the first time, you did not start acting like her husband from second date onwards or did you?

Yes, the famed E word is here, like in personal relationships, healthy professional relationships are based on the foundations of zero expectations. the moment you start expecting something from someone, you will be in for some heart burn and bad taste.

3. Always be around them but do not STALK

Now, I am positively assuming, most of us know the drawbacks of stalking a girl. Don’t we?

Lot like personal relationships, it is always good to be around your professional relationships too but things start going wrong when you are around so much that you are just one step below stalking them. Which I am afraid is a big turn off for anyone in any kind of relationship.

4. Meet them in person

You remember, the feeling you had, when she agreed to go out on a date with you for the first time. Don’t you?

Always be readily available to meet them personally over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. Taking time out for your contact means that you truly value the relationship and adds to it the much needed personal touch.

5. Request for their guidance

All of us know, girls love it, when we ask for their opinion on how to ‘better’ live our life’s. Don’t we?

More often than not, your professional relationships are people who are really senior to you, who have been in your shoes long time back and have achieved success. You can always learn from there experiences and make use of their learnings to avoid mistakes that they made during their own careers. Also, sharing your professional updates and anxieties, shows them the importance/respect that you have for their feedback/opinion.

6. Always be ready to help

I still remember, I was ready to do absolutely anything for a girl to say yes to go out with me.

Goes without saying it, always be ready to help your professional relationships, be it a small gesture or a big effort. Always be ready to walk the extra mile for them.

7. Be sincere. Do not FAKE

I don’t think my readers need an explanation for this one. Do you?

Self explanatory for any aspect of your life, the moment you start acting someone you are not. you can say good bye to your relationships.

In the end, I would like to sum it up by saying that in todays competitive and connected world, the importance of having a professional circle around you is of utmost importance and we all have such people around us with whom we can strike that special bond, what differentiates a good networking professional from others is that he understands the value of these relationships and is ready to invest time and energy in building a web of healthy professionals around of him.

Hope this write up helps!

Happy dating or I should say, happy networking!:-)



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