Facebook Marketing gone wrong-Aadesh Srivastava faking Alia Bhatt

Being a social media marketer myself, I closely follow the advertisements facebook throws at me every day and to be true most of those ads are pretty ordinary work and usual but one ad that has been holding my attention for last one week is as below;


And, although,I am not that much of a fan of Alia’s acting skills,the ad tempted me to a click after all If a Facebook page can really tell me all the inside story about Alia, wouldn’t I care to like it and make it my 100+N like page. So, happily, I clicked the page, dreaming of seeing some really hot pictures, sizzling video’s, inside scoops of Alia.

But, what I got instead was to say the least- “Shocking!”

You would like to know, what I got right?, See below;


Alia’s Ad was driving me to Aadesh Srivastava’s fan page. .

At first I thought this as a mistake of some poor chap sitting in a agency handling both Alia’s and Aadesh’s fan pages, running ads for both of them and by bad luck mixing up the links for two but it’s been one week since then and the anomaly still remains.When you click on Alia you land up on Aadesh and it no longer looks like a mistake to me.

You can’t promise something to the customer and give him something opposite. Can you? simply bad business.

Can’t really comment on the page too much, it is not a verified page and does not allow fans to write on the page themselves too, It looks more to be broadcasting rather than engaging with its fan base but whoever is handling it needs to pull his/her socks up fast.

Simply not done!



4 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing gone wrong-Aadesh Srivastava faking Alia Bhatt

  1. Ankur .. ethical marketing is a gimmick .. in virtual world I believe .. when we can buy facebook likes and tweets .. it speaks for itself .. who knows if the same social media companies do all these things from back door .
    This is a case of misleading simply and should be brought to the notice of FB for they need to know if they are doing this intentionally then there are people to raise flags !!

    1. So true. I guess, it is a numbers game after all, anything goes, all that matters is that you reach the number of likes and achieve the target I guess. Sad commentary on the digital media scenario prevalent these days.

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