Can Linked In job seeker account land you in your dream job?


Does this marketing pitch really work for a job seeker like you and me? This is the question that I would try to answer in todays post.

You have 3 subscription options with Linked in job seeker account which are as follows;


In all probability if you are a individual subscriber like me, you would land up with a subscription of job seeker, which amounts to Rs 1400/- per month and which includes all the features that a Linked In job seeker account can give.

My feedback on the features offered with a job seeker account:

1. See who’s interested in you

Remember, who visited my profile from Orkut days? this is the same feature as that, Linked In will tell you, who has visited your profile during the past days, so that, you can have an idea on the kind of professionals you are driving to your profile and reach out to them directly, with the knowledge that they have shown first level of interest in your profile. You get this feature also with the free linked in account but supposedly only a sneak peak not the full list but unfortunately, even after subscribing to Linked in, what I got was again not the full list apparently there are members who have chosen to shown anonymous and Linked In wont show me their details even if I have a paid subscription.


What if the member that was not shown to me was the key decision maker that I would like to reach out to? 

2. Contact Decision Makers via In Mail

One of the big feature that Linked In pitches to us as a job seeker is the In Mail feature. Where in we can directly write to decision makers about out candidature for a profile and drive them to our profile.

Linked In ‘guarantees’ the response, now before you start all jumping up and think of writing to Jack Welch expecting a guaranteed response as promised by Linked in. Let me play the spoil sport. Guaranteed response means that if you do not get a response from the In Mail recipient within 7 days you will get the In Mail credit back. Simple, it does not mean that the decision maker is forced by Linked in to reply to your In Mail. 

And, judging by the time constraints that all the big decision makers live by, the probability of your In Mail getting a response solely depends on the quality of your message and the interest that you can arouse in your credentials. My personal score was 1 response in 5 In Mails that I sent.

3. Move to the top of the list

Now, this is a feature that can really help, while applying for jobs via Linked In. supposedly there are 100 applicants to a particular job, my profile will be featured in the top ranking of that list, solely because I am a paid subscriber sounds good right? but, what Linked In does not tell me what happens if 50 of those applicants are again paid subscribers? Does it make a difference then? What position will my application be featured? Again leaves more questions in my mind than answers.

And another issue for me is the number of jobs that are up for grabs on Linked In-Minuscle is the word for them. Why can’t Linked In have priority jobs? which are opened only for paid members and not for all on Linked In.

4. The open link and premium membership badge

They look good on the profile add to bit of a show off I can say but do they really leave an impression on the recruiters mind?, I have my doubt’s on that. Also, you joining a open link network allows you to reach out directly to decision makers who are also on open link without needing In Mail credits.

5. Organise your search

Good enough feature if you are into heavy usage and research on Linked In not for job seekers like me, who are not searching exhaustively on Linked In for each and every decision maker on the planet but only a niche few who they plan to work with.To be true, I did not use this feature extensively. Did not feel the need for it.

My Verdict:

There is not too much that you can do with a paid linked in account which cannot be done with a free one. All of the features that you enable after paid membership are the one’s that will only help you in reaching out to your prospective recruiters more easily ( Does not mean you cannot do the same with a free account!)  but what will matter at the end of the day is your Linked In profile and the content it has.  So, work on your Linked In profile and rest will follow.

Linked In is really a wonderful networking medium, one which is really close to my heart just for the change it has brought in the way we professionals can network but I think Linked In needs to work more on the reasons for someone to remain a paid member rather than a free one. Personally, I have unsubscribed from the membership after one month. Did not find the features of a job seeker account really that ‘differentiating’ for me.

Happy Networking!

Have you also tried the job seeker membership for Linked In? What has been your experience? Share with me. I would like to know more.




2 thoughts on “Can Linked In job seeker account land you in your dream job?

  1. This is what I got from an Online webinar on Linked in:

    1.primary keyword phrases in your account for search optimization.
    2.Find new keywords from
    3.verify u used right keywords
    4.optimize ur profile.
    5. Put primary keywords in weighted places like Profile description and other areas..
    6.Build your own group at linked in.

    7.grow network to 500 connections
    8.add 100 supper connectors

    9.Have a call to action.

    10.Do power status updates

    Be a super connector

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us Ankit. those are some really great tips to use for better networking on Linked In.Thanks for that:-)

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