My New Book Shelf!:-)


And,before you start thinking that I am good at interior design too, please note, my books have been beautifully arranged in this book shelf by my beautiful wife, Rati!:-)



8 thoughts on “My New Book Shelf!:-)

  1. wow….this is awesome! have been lookng from a wall to ceiling book shelf under my budget for some time now 😛 Im so jealous of ppl who have such beautiful book shelves 🙂 Can you share where you bought this from n the pricing?

    1. Thank you Ghata:-), I got this one home made, father helped me out on this, costed us around Rs 4000/- including all! I am sure, you will also have one soon!:-)

      1. hmmm…ok….
        I guess i should get pone made from the carpenter too. thanks and njoy the book shelf 🙂 I am sure the sight of it is joy-giving!

    1. Thank you, I will take that as a compliment:-)Yes, sure I read classics, my favorite are Fountainhead, Gone with the Wind and Atlas Shrugged. You do not see them here as they are in my second book shelf:-)

  2. It was a pleasure meeting a Faridabi at Muscat.
    for the shelf…All kudos to Rati 🙂 hope to see her smtime when i come to fbd smwhere in dec.

    1. you so much for taking time out to read my blog. Happy to have found a friend to in Muscat. Sure, We will be more than happy to meet you in Faridabad. Let us plan once you are in Fbd:-)

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